Pretty Pink Pout

pink pout

Looking for a simple,stylish look that makes a statement?Then opt for a fabulous lip that can be seen for miles.This pop of color is ideal for a sexy summer look,keep the the rest of your make-up natural,but continue the same color on your nails.

Gorgeous Golden Glow



Bronzed Beauty

We all want to look bronzed,but instead of tanning,apply ample amounts of bronzer.Start by using a foundation that’s one shade darker to give you a good base.Then highlight areas like your brow bone and cheekbones with liquid bronzer powder and finish with a dusting of bronzing powder.Add gold or bronze to eyes and lips,and you ‘re good to glow.

The Best Blushes Ever! Fabulous Flirty Flush

The Best Blushes Ever! Fabulous Flirty Flush

Give your cheeks the bashful look by adding a peachy-colored blush to barely-there make-up.Start by applying foundation and powder for a flawless complexion,then coat lashes with mascara_ stick to the bare basics for the color onto your cheeks while you smile.The contrasting pop of peach will give you a flirty flush he can’t resist.

UNE Natural Beauty – Multipurpose Brush


UNE Natural Beauty - Multipurpose Brush

If you buy one make up tool this month,make it this brush.

Apply Your Lipstick Without a Mirror


Apply Your Lipstick Without a Mirror

When your lip color is fades and you need to reapply,here,s freehand fix to help out

1-The key is using your finger,which lets you feel your lips and prevent an out-of bounds application.When it,s time to touch up ,take  out your lipstick and rub your ring finger.

2-Dab the color on to your bottom lip,starting in the middle-this help you place the most pigment on the thickest part of your lip_and working outward to each side.

3-Now press your lips together to transfer the tint to your top lip.

4-Apply a bit more lipstick to your ring finger ,then dab it onto the two highest points of your upper lip;the pressing action in step 3 does’t coat these areas.

5-Finally,run a clean pinkie finger down the center of your cupid’s bow to wipe away any color that may have spilled over accidentally.

Everyone’s Wearing Polka Dots


You don’t have to wear dots head-to-toe,one key item is enough.

As well as a cute casual look ,they’re a great addition to your work wardrobe ,too.

Unless you’re tall and slim,avoid wearing spots all over or mixing with other prints.

If you ‘re still unsure,the safest and simplest is to go for spotty accessories.

Ellenisia Penhaligon`s Perfume

Ellenisia Penhaligon`s perfume

Invest in this gorgeous,girly fragrance,plush it will look pretty on your dressing table too!

Sexy Smokey Stare

eye makeup

A sultry smoky eye is the ultimate in sexy make up,but when it’s hot ,it can look too heavy.Give it a make-under and opt for lighter shades instead of dark colors.Apply the shadow,then smudge and blend until you get your desired smoky effect.Finish with eyeliner and a couple of coats of mascara,and you’re all set to flutter those lashes.


Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

Curl your lashes and finish with two to three coats of Extreme Party Mascara .