Keep You Comfy All Through The Night

keep you comfy all through the night

Interchangeable pieces that promise to keep you comfy all through the night.Scoopneck tank with scalloped lace trim and button pocket.Cerise and Bermuda shorts have faux-fly with ribbon drawstring waist.Tank and shorts for nights.

Bright Lips Draw Attention Away From Less Than Perfect Skin Or Hair

collageLess is more-if you go for bright lips,keeps other elements simple.Highly pigmented lip glosses are a low maintenance way of achieving high-class glamor.

Blood-red oranges are summer ‘south-watering answer to winter’s rouged pouts.But always remember ,strong lips should be worn  with nothing but a slick of mascara and a lot of confidence.

Buff lips using a lip defoliator or a dry toothbrush-being being the star attraction ,they need to be in tip-top condition.

Plump lips using products containing vitamin E derivative,such as Two faced Extreme Lip Injection.The bold rushes to the surface,which makes them rosy red and also forces you to pout.

Less then white teeth are accentuated by the yellow tones found in some orange lipsticks,so go for pearly whites.

Don ‘t be scared.Buy the brightest colors available and add clear gloss or Vaseline to dilute it to taste,using the back of your hand as a palette.

Invest Your Essential Summer Vest

black and whitered and white

Nautical stripes and a scoop neck,Choose from red and white or black and white.

Straight Legged Jeans Perfect Complement To Winter’s Sleek

Straight Legged JeansClassic and flattering ,wearing and cool,if you want a jean that is elegant,while still retaining an edge,look to the straight leg.Seen in the collection of D & G and Rogan,the shape works for all body types,and is the perfect complement to winter’s sleek,structured silhouette.Glam with heels,gamine with flats,this is a versatile fashion must have.

Pink Is A universally Flattering Shade

Pink is a universally flattering shade

Pink is a universally flattering shade as long as you ensure you get the correct texture and avoid frosted finishes.It is worth investing in a good pink lippy as it’s  a statement that’s sure to trick into next season.

Pink lipstick is as essential as an SPF this summer.The key to success is to avoid looking too girlie and doll-like.

Highly pigmented color is achieved by reducing your lips’ natural red with foundation first.Use a dry texture and it’ll stick like  paint to a canvas.

Lip liner is not  the enemy,even out the shape of lips,but never make it visible or accentuate lip size.

Highlight cheekbones but avoid sparkle as it will look sickly sweet cheap.

Skin should look natural next to strong lips.Apply a liquid bronzer on temples and cheeks instead of powder as it’s more natural.

Relaxing Your Mind

Relaxing Your Mind

The tension of modern working practices often mean that you are so caught up in meeting all the demands placed upon you maintain a high level of mental and physical activity throughout your working hours.

Mediation and busy working life

A busy work schedule means that you are prone to cutting off your emotional responses and your enjoyment of the simple things in life,and pushing your physical and mental health to the limit.To counteract this pressure,you need periods of mental and physical relaxation at different stages in the day.By taking such time out,you will actually gain rather than lose in productivity.

In taking a break every 90 minutes or so,you should aim to change your mind/body state completely.Ideally,stop all work activity and change your physical position and mental focus.A 20 minutes mediation is ideal as it is the best form of total relaxation.On returning to work,you will see things afresh and deal with them more efficiently.The felling of well-being will continue well into the next 90-minute period.

The benefit of meditation

Meditation is a pleasant way to gain deep relaxation with time and space to yourself.Just meditating on a regular basic can be beneficial,but using some simple words and images while you meditate can promote an improvement in your general well-being or in a specific area of your life.The mind ceases to be a burden and distraction and instead becomes a tool for paying full attention to the present moment.In this way,meditation practice becomes relevant to real life.The physical benefits include relaxation,improvement of sleeping patterns,lowering of high blood pressure and speedier recovery from fatigue.

Find Everyday Comfort In 6 Easy Ways From Popular Brands For Jeans And Pants

Easy fit cotton jeans


Most comfortable jeans ever!Comfort-ease waistband adds a touch of stretch when he needs it.Lightly sand blasted finish for a natural,aged look.

Two Button Tweed Blazer

Two-Button Tweed Blazer

A lovely layer over a sweater!Styled with front patch pockets,long sleeves and shoulder pads.Polyester;fully lined and washable.

Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Go from ordinary to extraordinary!Your favorite mix and match pieces are back in fabulous colors.Start with these versatile basics.Expand your ensemble with unique jackets and festive accessories.You ‘ll have a wardrobe-winning combination!

festive accessories