Brides Fashion 2015

Brides Fashion 2015Here is the most trendy and beautiful brides fashion for 2015 weddings.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


‘An eyeshadow base that prevents creases once you’ve used it,you ‘ll never go back.’

Heidi Klein kaftan

Heidi Klein kaftan

Making a beach bargain of a Heidi Klein kaftan

Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive Razor

Gillette Venus divine

Every women should know

Not unless you’re going for the scab’s’ stubble look. First up, men’s hair is much coarser than women’s, quickly damaging the blade and making it a risky choice for your baby smooth legs.And then there ‘s the difference in design says Gillette: Women razors are specifically designed for the way women shave. The , for example, has an ergonomic handle, intensive moisture strips ,and a forward-pivoting, oval-shaped cartridge for control and maneuverability .’So what’s fine for Beckham’s chin isn’t fine for your shins, it seems…

Why Save Glamor For Evenings?

Why Save Glamor For Evenings

This season its all about loving yourself.

  • Trade a carries-your-life-around day bag for a chic oversized clutch.
  • Keep your jewelry simple:an elegant gold chain or pretty drop earrings,but not both.
  • A pale printed silk sums up this look beautifully.
  • A statement cocktail ring ads a sexy twist and stops you looking too ‘tea dance’.
  • Forget the six inch spikes you can barely totter in ; pretty,flirty sandals with a wearable heel will dress up your ensemble nicely.

Roc Retin-Ox Illuminateur Fair

Roc - Retin-Ox Illuminateur Fair

A glow enhancer for the face,with the anti-aging benefits of retinol.

Want This Luxurious Summer Look

Want This Luxurious Summer LookIt’s a French classic yet 100% modern – nautical stripes thrown together with super-slimming navy jackets,skirts or trousers.Whatever your height,weight or skin color,it’s a complete instant-chic no-brainer.

Fall In Love With The Crazy Teen Fashion

Teen girls fashionFall in love with the crazy teen fashion.

With cute pastel colors and fantastic bright shades,summers are becoming more beautiful.Basic fashion sense and wonderful color matches are a key to make your summer season more beautiful and trendy.Lace dress is a must-have to beat the sweltering heat.Belts and cool lace are another idea to make your dresses look adorable.One thing that needs not to be forgotten is use of flat ballet shoes for a perfect look.

Daily Tans In Cans

Daily tans in cans

Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion Sun-Kissed Look

An English riviera ‘glow in two days,spry design means even covering all over.

Shiseido ‘Daily Bronze’ Moisturizing Emulsion

In four hours you ‘ll have a light ‘been out in the garden’ tan.Super easy to use,even for fake tan virgins.

Estee Lauder Body Performance Naturally Radiant Moisturiser

Its great texture leaves skin soft without streaks.

St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Body Medium/Dark

Only takes a few hours to develop a Mediterranean style bronze,easy to apply cream works on the palest skins and rarely streaks.

Biotherm Summer Source Daily Radiance Body Lotion

A just back from Jamaican in two hours,nourishes your skin while it tans.