Make Your Eid More Festive – Mehndi Preparations On Eid!

Eid Preparation - MehndiCelebrating occasions is a way of enjoying life.Like all other religions we,Muslims have our own way of enjoying the beautiful colors of Eid.Eid-ul-Fiter and Eid-ul-Edha are two main Islamic traditions that unite Muslims together.Muslims around the world celebrate this festival joyfully and share love and peace with each other.Muslims fast throughout the month of Ramadan and as a result they are awarded with Eid-ul-Fiter that is a wonderful gift from Allah Almighty.Eid has a great significance for Muslims especially girls and women who enjoy shopping and wearing bangles.Henna/mehndi becomes very popular among women on Eid and every girls wants to get her hands decorated traditionally with beautiful henna designs.In old times henna was prepared at home by grinding henna leaves but now different qualities are easily available in market.The traditional round patterns on hands are still very popular but most of the young girls prefer intricate floral designs on hands. My personal favorite is the red color of mehndi.

Like every other girl,I’ve always wanted to get more deep and dark shade on hands. And then I got to know about the best trick to get deeper shade of henna.Using lemon juice mixed with sugar gives you wonderful colors.Must try!

A Satin Makeup Finish – Favorite Summer Look

A Satin Makeup FinishA satin finish by working on the volumes of the face to outline its structure.
Treat imperfections and shininess with the help of perfecting foundation that removes clutter to easily apply make-up.
Apply a small quantity of satin liquid foundation, preferably one that moisturizes the skin, to obtain a nice skin texture.Spread it with a sponge to avoid clutter and to allow it melt on your skin.
Correct with your index finger,lightly tap concealer around your dark circles under your eyes,nose wings and crevice of your chin.
Highlight the cheekbone with a warm beige eyeshadow (blush or bronzer could also work) using a blush brush.Apply starting from the ears and continue to brush in the direction of the lips.Add a touch to each side starting from the bridge of the nose to the temples, then above the tail of the eyebrow to hairline and finally under the chin.

The Fun And Sun-loving Hairstyles

The Fun And Sun-loving HairstylesMinimum fuss with maximum effect is the order of the day.Whatever your hair length,running some hair oil through your locks will keep it protected from the sun and sea air.Long hair looks great secured in a low bun off to one side at the nape of the neck.Pull some loose ends out to keep it playful.Veils and tiaras are pretty much out,but a big,exotic single bloom can look great tucked behind your ear.

What a Bride should not forget to keep in her bag – Must have Items For A Gorgeous Bride

What a Bride should not forget to keep in her bag - Must-have Items For A Gorgeous BrideNo bride should take this risk of leaving her SOS Kit at home on her Big Day.Take whatever you need to feel secure,then nominate your bridesmaid with the biggest handbag to look after it.

What a Bride should not forget to keep in her bag – Must-have Items For A Gorgeous Bride

  • Hairspray and shine spray
  • Matt hair grips and hair pins – and plenty of them
  • Natural bristle smoothing brush
  • Tail comb
  • Hot rollers
  • Bun ring
  • Hairpiece

Scrub Off


Face scrubs are part of every women’s weekly skincare ritual .Here we presented you with a few new and heavenly scrubs that you definitely want to try out.

Herbline Essentials Apricot and Honey Face Scrub is made from natural clay that absorbs into the skin and unclogs pores ingredients such as sunflower oil,fruit extract and honey nourish, exfoliate and hydrate.

Sephora Easy Skincare is a foaming cleansing  gel is ingeniously paired with  a bit-in exfoliating brush for a deep down cleansing action that purifies the skin and revitalises the natural glow of the complexion.

Bottega Veneta Luxury Body Scrub is a gentle body exfoliator ,featurning  micro-particles of opricot kemel that will leave your skin both.