Silk Dress With a Heritage Paisley Print

autumn styleFlowing pure silk with a heritage paisley print in subtle tones makes for effortless autumn style

Feminine Fragrance


Your skin ‘s not only thing that gives away your DOB_It’s your perfume too.So say goodbye to 80s and 90s scents and turn back the years with berries,spices and coffee

Everyone Can Have A Fringe

Everyone can have a fringe

This dramatic eye-skimmer played an important role at the Burberry,Chloe and Luella Shows.The grown out fringe is flattering and flirtatious _it draws attention to the eyes and if it’s longer,it pull the focus straight to the mouth.If you are unsure about a heavy fringe,try a wispy one instead.

Prim And Proper Ponytail Were Plentiful On The Catwalks

ponytail hair blonde


Spritz in a volumising spray like Matrix Amplify Full Body Texturizer,and blow -dry hair away from your face.Collect all the hair  at the crown  and secure with a hooked bungee.Hide the band with a section of hair from underneath,then wrap the tail around three heated rollers.Cool,and spritz with Charles Worthington Natural Hold Hairspray,unravel and brush through.

Bold shoulders

dress with a bit of shoulder bling


Skip the necklace and choose a dress with a bit of shoulder bling.

Wear The Trousers

Wear The Trousers

Who knew the rainbow -bright,ankle-cropped trousers would proves so,well,flattering?

Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposables are best for comfort and convenience,provided they they suit  your prescription.

How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Lime and Ginger Salt Scrub

Ingrown hairs are caused by a build-up of excess skin cells forming a layer over the follicle.This prevents the hair from breaking through and it starts growing underneath.If exfoliating doesn’t do the trick,it may be  because you’re not doing it enough.Use an oil based salt scrub.The granules are coarse enough to get rid of dead skin cells and the oil will soften your skin.

Hair Flash

winter hairstyles

Invisible cuts,bottled rainbows and lush volume anything is possible this autumn