Whatever Your Skintone -Find the best Lipstick Colour For Yourself

Olive skins can take their pick of berry shades.Deep syrupy tones in purple and plum look great at night but during the day nothing beats a vivid raspberry stain or gloss.

Pretty In Pink Lovely Wrist Watches For Girls

It’s time to go all pink and girlie with the new Nina Ricci timepieces.The pink Rectangular is set in silver with a soft pink leather strap and Pink Chronograph has a mother-of-pearl dial and soft leather,pink mock-crocodile strap.

Feeling Confident Should Always Be Your First Checkpoint When Trying Out New Outfits

The little things you wear can change how you feel.You could be wearing the most fabulous red-carpet-worthy frock but if you are fidgeting and fiddling with it,you won’t exude movie star confidence.

Feeling confident should always be your first checkpoint when trying out new outfits.

Must Read The Tips For Neat And Sleek Hair

As usual at the shows,a whole bevvy of hair trends emerged.And this is what we’re calling the antithesis of flyaway hair.It was pulled taut ,side-parted and bunned at Gucci,whereas at Dolce it was half up and half down with a centre parting.A glossing product is a must for such a glassy finish so try Outshine,Redken.


Wonderful Intricate Plaits Are Taking A New Form This Season

Plaits are taking on a new form this season,often worn tight against the side of the head.References to ‘small heads,tight hair’ were frequently overheard backstage as hairdressers paid homage to the late Helmut Newton,famous for having his models look super-sharp with an almost masculine touch.