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Bicycle Wheel Unique Socks – Must Give It A Try

Stripped,dipped in blue color of winter thoughts and imaginations,these stunning winter socks are one of the beautiful must have winter accessories.

You must be wondering that how can these very neatly knitted socks be handmade.When I showed this picture to my mother,she told me a very interesting story of her childhood.At the age of five,she noticed her grandmother knitting such elegant socks with a lot of perfection using bicycle wheel wires.It was such an surprisingly amazing piece of information for me as I never knew that creativity could bring out such wonderful artistic things.

Thin wool has been used to knit this intricate strip design.The zip on the front looks even more unique as I have never seen socks with zips on them.The little pom pom to zip and unzip is not so difficult to make.

So women do not waste time and if you know knitting,then do give these socks a try.

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